Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Prayer Request for February 24, 2010

Dear Prayer Partners,
This was in my inbox this morning.  In passing this along, we as women can understand the urgency of the need as well as our male intercessors.  Living in a period of the "unknown" while tests are being made may leave us in a quandry and almost fear.  However I remember the words from  Joh 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."  This scripture was speaking of following Jesus who is TRUTH, and as we follow him all questions cease as we learn He is our brother and an intercessor and all darkness is dispelled in the light of HIM.
However, I  know also that when we know the truth about cancer, an unknown illness, or anything that is out there in the future cloaked in darkness to our understanding;  we are set free from the fear of those when we learn the truth.  In knowing the truth about our illnesses that we know so little about, or the sevierty of, the enemy of our soul cannot make it bigger than it is.  In knowing the truth, we also are better equipped to pray against the cancer. 

Thanks for praying for Michelle and her sister.  God is greater than CANCER.  God is bigger than our fears or unrest. 

~~ ~ ~
This is from a homeschool friend Michelle…..

I found out today that my sister is having a biopsy on Thursday to determine what kind of breast cancer she has. She will likely have major surgery in two weeks or so.

I would really appreciate your prayers for her. Her name is Allisha McFarland and she lives in Spring, TX.

Please pray for Michelle as well as her sister. Michelle is very distraught.

Your partner in intercession

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