Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25, 2010

This is a request I received two of yesterday and this morning.  I know this family well, and how they are holding up watching two of their sisters in 5 months time succomb to cancer I do not know except for the Grace of Almighty God.

Please call Sue's name out to God.
Then call her sister Sarah,
Her brothers Carlton, James, Paul Green for God to give them His grace and strength in this trying time.

Here is the prayer request as it came to me.  Thanks for interceeding.

Please pray for Carlton's sister, Carolyn Sue Stegall. Her cancer came back a few months ago and she has been told that there was nothing the doctors could do for the cancer. A couple weeks ago she was in the hospital for other health problem. On Monday last week she had a stroke that was located in her speech part of her brain and was unable to speak. By Tuesday afternoon she was able to speak short phrases. Wednesday morning, last week, she had a larger stroke in the same area and was once again unable to speak. She was moved to the Acute Stroke Unit of North Mississippi Medical Center. Yesterday the doctors told the family that there was nothing else they can do for her and she was moved to Sanctuary Hospice House located on west side of Tupelo.

Please pray Sue and also for Carlton, his other sister and 2 other brothers. Their oldest sister went to be with the Lord in March, this year, from Melonoma Cancer. It was really hard to go in to see her yesterday. She does recognize you and reaches out and grasps your hand and holds very tight. She is still unable to speak which makes it harder at such a time as this.

Also pray for her husband, Kelly, who is suffering from Parkinson disease and for her 3 children and their families.

I know nothing is impossible with God however if he needs Sue more than we do, please pray that the family will be able to accept that and put Sue in God's hands.

Thanks so much for all your prayers. if you have a prayer chain please add Sue and her family to your prayer chain.

I will get Sue's address just in case some of you want to send cards to her and the family.

Love you all

Mary Green

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010

Hello fellow Intercessors.

I talk with my youngest sister today.  I knew she has not been well, but today I think the impact of her illness finally hit me. 

She has a blood disease - or more accurately a "bone marrow failure disease".  Frankly I have never heard of this, but her marrow does not produce red blood cells.  The disease itself has a long name which I'll try to spell correctly.  "Myelodysplastic Syndrome"

So far there is no cure and only temporary fixes.  One being to get Procrit shots.  Only when she is at the point of death, will they consider a bone marrow transplant which they don't give her much hope in even living through such surgery.

After her Doctor's visit today, her blood count was 9.8 and falling each time she goes to be checked.
I told her about our prayer chain, and that I would request prayer for her. 

I'm hurting for her, and want the Lord to do a work in her body.  Nothing is too big for Him, and with the collective prayers of each of you, my sister can walk in health and spiritual wholeness. 

Please agree with me that the Lord do a miracle.  I understand miracles come through obedience.  Taking the examples of Jesus at the marriage - through obedience the best wine came forth to finish the festivities.
Then when there was no money for the Taxes to be paid, Jesus told his disciples to go fishing - they did and the fish they caught had in his mouth the amount they needed.  Oh yes, obedience goes a long way in getting what we ask of the Lord.

Thanks for praying, please tell others to help you pray.

Yours through intercession.