Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010

God is so much bigger than our need.  Even though our circumstances seem to loom bigger than life to the point of overwhelming us, there is someone who will take our hand and lead us to the God that heals, the God who restores, who comforts, who holds us, who walks with us,  eradicates our fears and questions, and shows us just how little our circumstance is when we are in His care.  Intercessors and friends will take our hand and do just that.

I love that!  I wish I did not have to be reminded how important I am to Him, my Father, my Lord and Savior.  However in reading the Psalms this morning my spirit heard again His words from Psalms 103:14  "He knows our frame and remembers we are dust".

Most translations read the same.  He knows how frail I am.  He knows I would soon sink under a heavy load.  He knows we are easily broken down by the pressures of trials.  He remembers what we are made of - He remembers the dust that first formed man. 

Often we don't recognize our frailties.  Often we attempt to solve our own problems with the underlying thought of "I got myself into this, it is left up to me to get myself out".  NO, NO, a thousand times NO.
He stands ready to take our hand when we try to "walk on water" and fail.  He stands ready to brush us off, heal the wounds other have caused, wipe our tears away when we grieve, and give us HIS strength to try again.

God is this and so much more.  Trust Him with your needs, your desires and yes your wants.

Your partner in Intercession,

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Territory Mom said...

Thank you!! I needed this today.