Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Please PRAY NOW!

A request came today.  A few people have found our site, however I know there are many more out there who are in need of a site like ours.  A group of people who know how to get in touch with God for needs.

The need I share today is this:  A very dear friend of mine since the early 1960's has melanoma cancer in several places in her body.  Mary has been strong through it all - declaring the love of God, and Jesus her friend.

Yesterday the Doctors put her in the hospital.  The Chemo was doing no good, the brain cancer has grown and to them there is no hope.  I am among the first who will Declare that God still does miracles.  I am a walking miracle myself.  However, in Mary's case, I feel the urgency to pray her demise be quick and the Lord be gentle when he reaches for her.

As of now, her daughters who have once known the Lord have chosen a different path than to fellowship with Him.  I'm praying they turned back to God for their comfort and answers to questions they must have.  I also pray for her husband, who has been there for her.  When we have been in his shoes, only then can we fellowship how the man needs rest, both mental and spiritual as well as physical.

Mary has a sister who also has stomach cancer.  Can you see how this whole family must be distraught?
There are three brothers and 3 sisters in this family.  With two of those sisters in poor health, with the possibility of losing either of them soon or later, this family NEEDS THE GOD OF ALL COMFORT to comfort them in this hours.  Help me carry them on a Pallet of Prayer!

Please pray:
"Father  may Your will be done in heaven and in earth.  May you gently lift Mary up into your arms when the time comes for her to pass.  May you fill the room where she is with YOUR sweet spirit so that her family will know you have come to take their Mother and wife, as well as bring them comfort.  May you give them grace  and presence of mind to do the necessary things to be done at a time like this.
In Jesus name I accept that Your will be done in all things concerning this family....."

Doris - your partner in Prayer

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