Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prayer Request for February 16, 2010

The following request just came in from my daughter's one-time room mate. She ask that our community of intercessors pray for this family.

On a personal note, I can not begin to imagine the tragedy this family has faced and is facing. I'm sure I would be crying out for answers - some ray of light that would give me hope for what lays ahead. Thank you for stopping now to carry this family on a pallet of prayer to Jesus who is the great Intercessor.

Your prayer partner

There is a family that I know in Little Rock. The son of this family was in a bad car wreck as a high school student about 5 years ago. The wreck left him brain injured and very dependent on someone to take care of him.

Yesterday, their daughter, the sister of this young man………was in a bad car wreck. She had to be med flighted to Baptist Hospital. She is only around 23 or 24 years of age. She is currently on a breathing machine and is showing bruising on the brain.

PLEASE, keep this family in your prayers. This is a horrible tragic accident. The only 2 children they have and both of them have been involved in bad accidents that have almost taken their lives. The extent of her damage is yet to be known. She is in ICU and until she is more stable, they really can’t determine much else.

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