Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Prayer Request for February 17, 2010

1.  I am asking everyone to pray for us. We are in what seems to be a power struggle with Axton's school these days. Nothing major from the outside, but it continues daily and is becoming almost a breaking point for me. I have tried to be as nice as I always am, but this has become out of control. Please pray that God's will is done and that Axton continues to have his needs met. We are also really seeking direction for his kindergarden year. It is fast approaching and I feel very unprepared and overwhelmed. It's a big choice as to where he goes and his placement.

Thank you so much. I am having an overwhelming day and just need a little help!

2.  Have a prayer request. Please join me in asking the Lord to save
Lance. That the Lord would intervene in his life & draw him 2 a saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ.  (It is not the Lord's will that any one be lost.  So we are praying HIS will when we ask HIM to save Lance.  dt)

3.  Please pray for Jacqui. She is going to court today. Her 20 yr
marriage is being dissolved.    (Oh Lord place ministering angels around Jacqui today making YOUR will be done. dt)

4.  Pray for Jerri that she would feel better, healthy & good & have
completeness in Him.  (OH Father for completeness in YOU.  It is our heart's desire for Jerri.  In finding completeness in You, I know you will bring health, and goodness, and an overall feeling of New Life.  dt)

NOTE:  Thanks everyone for praying for these precious people who need the favor of God to work in their behalf.  Each need could be overwhelming to the one standing in the middle of the circumstance, however you and I are going to undergird them through prayer.  God's ears are open to their/our cries, and His hand is not short.

Your partner in Prayer,

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