Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March 10, 2010

Dear Prayer Warriors
I posted a request on our Community of Intercessors page the other day. The following is in addition to what I told you then.

We are still in need of calling on God in Elizabeth's behalf. They practically re-made her heart and now a week later she is fighting staph infection which has caused 103 degrees of temperature and inspite of all she has been through, today they will install a pace makert. The Dr. had prepared for one during surgery, so the procedure to put it in now is not as extensive, but dreadfully necessary.

Below is the request as I received it.

Everyone please pray for Elizabeth. Heart surgery last Wed. still in ICU & heavily sedated. Running a fever of 103+. High-dose antibiotics but fever won't break. concerned the infection may have settled around her heart. Planning to insert the pace maker today...fever or not...this is a result of the damage during the... surgery to fix all the other problems. Please pray!!!!!! God is Able!.

Thanks again for praying.
Your partner in Prayer,

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