Friday, October 22, 2010

Schelly needs us again. Please Pray

Hello friends,

It pains me to read the new note from Schelly.  Please do not fail to pray to this young woman who is reaching out for support.  Often at times like this I feel helpless, until I remember that what I have to offer her is the most powerful of all aid - PRAYER.  Again, she needs us, strangers that we are, so take her on a pallet of prayer to the HEALER.  Often we seek healing on the behalf of others, however I want us to refocus and seek the HEALER on her behalf.  Thanks again for joining with me in prayer.  I will post anything about her that I receive so as to keep you updated.

Yours for intercession

Hello all. I greatly appreciate all who are praying for me. This is all happening so fast that it is hard to take it all in.

I was not comfortable with the general surgeon I was sent to concerning my situation so I called UAMS Breast Center first thing this morning and have been there all day.

There are either, 2 masses one on top of the other, Or it is just one mass and they could only see part of it on my previous test and goes much deeper than it showed originally. The surgeon thinks it is the latter.

He did 5 needle biopsies of each mass or section and they are both 100 percent positive for cancer. It is invasive cancer, and not in situ, meaning it has spread outside of the ducts. At this point that is all they know. The full pathology report will tell different things about it, like whether it is hormonal growth based and will respond to anti-hormone meds. That will be back in 4 or 5 days.

I am having an MRI tomorrow to see if it has spread to my chest wall and I am going to Pre-Op tomorrow and they will do a chest xray, EKG & bloodwork.

On Friday, I am having a lymph node biopsy under anesthesia and they are injecting one color dye in my breast and another color in my arm to isolate the infected lymph nodes (if any) and to try to spare my arm nodes if possible. Injecting the second dye in the arm is actually experimental and I will be part of a research study. The problem with this is that people allergic to shellfish or make-up tend to be allergic to the second dye. I am allergic to shellfish... But they will have anti-allergy meds standing by. He left the choice up to me, but taking too many lymph nodes in the arm can lead to Lymphedema with arm swelling and it is very hard to treat. I chose the allergy risk over that.

He highly recommended chemo before removing the mass/breast for 2 reasons. 1) It will help with any cancer that might have spread. 2) Having a mass that can be measured will tell them in advance of the surgery which chemo drugs the cancer responds to. So, they will also put in a port on Friday and I should see an Oncologist next week.

This is totally different than the course of action recommended by the first surgeon and I am SO GLAD I went to UAMS.   (note:  University of Arkansas Medical Science)

I am exhausted.


Territory Mom said...

I'm praying for Schelly. All things are possible through Jesus Christ.

Toyin O. said...

I am praying for Shelly;trusting that God will give her the grace to go thru this.