Friday, October 29, 2010

A note from Schelly

I received this only this morning.  For those of you who have called Shelly's name in prayer, I thank you.  My heart melts with hers as she battles the unknown.  Please keep her on your mind, and her list below will serve as a reminder of how to pray.  Agreeing together on her behalf is what our support scripture means, "where even two agree on earth as thouching anything they shall ask, it shall be done."

Yours for intercession,

First I want to thank each of you who has emailed me or prayed for me. The support has helped my morale more than you know.

I met my Oncologist, Dr. Makhoul, today and he is fabulous. I wish I could say the same for this disease. I hate it. With every fiber of my being I hate it.

Some things are still unknown. We do know it is a Grade 3, which is the fastest-growing and most aggressive form of cancer, but it also usually the most responsive to Chemo.

I have a PET Scan and Brain MRI on Wed to see if it has spread, plus a nuclear heart test to see if my heart can withstand one of the chemo drugs. The plan now is to use 3 different chemo drugs, with treatments every 2 weeks for a total of 8 sessions.

I hope to start Chemo next Friday.

They will stage the cancer after the PET. Tentatively it is stage IIB (being just under the wire for stage III at 4.9 cm versus 5 cm). If the PET shows it has spread, is is automatically stage IV and it would be up to God to heal me at that point. I won't find out the results until next Friday. It will be a very long 8 days.

A sweet friend suggested I come up with specific prayer requests for those that are praying for me. I welcome any all prayers, but these are my specific prayers.

1. For God to be made known throughout this entire ordeal to those watching it and especially to my children.

2. That I will lean on Him like I never have before. That I will allow Him to comfort me instead of seeking other outlets so I can teach that to my children.

3. That the PET scan will be clear and it has not spread.

4. That the Chemo will kill the beast. I mean kill it DEAD!!

5. That I will not have a reaction to any of the medications.

6. That I will learn how to ask others for help (This is VERY hard for me).

7. That I will have the time and energy to continue to school and hang with my precious boys.

8. That I will have the time to work enough each week to keep sales coming in.

9. That this will bring my family closer together.

10. That I will remember to laugh.



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