Friday, December 10, 2010

Prayer Need for December 10, 2010

Dear Friends and fellow Intercessors,

Tonight I received a call from a dear friend in Louisiana.  Our friendship goes back to the 1970's when I met Don and Vera Wells.  We worked together in State missions for about 20 years, including youth camps and Ladies Retreats.

After retiring they felt the need to move near their daughter and family in Louisiana.  They have continued to be active in the work of the Lord.

Recently Vera went to the emergency because of being jaundice.  From the emergency room she was admitted to the hospital.  Test results found an embedded kidney stone which had caused her kidney to enlarge.  The Doctors' placed a stint to bring about drainage to give her some relief.  She said at first there was pure blood, but now her kidney function is fine and there is no trace of blood.

Other test results, revealed a mass in/on/around other organs such as her gall bladder, pancreas, and liver.  The test results have not come back - but after praying with her on the phone tonight, I told her I would also call on my community of intercessors to pray.

This is what we asked the Lord for.  Would you please join us in agreeing in prayer for the same.

Pray that:  the mass is not cancer.  God can do this for Vera His child. 

I'll keep you posted as she continues to give me updates. 

Thanks for praying for one of God's little warriors and missionaries.

Your partner in Intercession,


Territory Mom said...

I'm praying!!

Grammyof13 said...

Thanks my dear. She is a dear friend.