Sunday, May 30, 2010

May 31, 2010

"Please keep my family in your prayers my mom isn't doing well she has been in the hospital almost 2 weeks, they have decided they want to do surgery again. A little scared last time she has surgery she almost didn't wake up.

Kendall (my husband) is 4 rooms down from her with some heart issues they think he is having mini strokes running a bunch of test not sure when he will come home either."

NOTE:  The above request is from a friend of mine in Oklahoma.  Thank you for helping me  take this family on a pallet of prayer to Jesus who suffered stripes for our healing.

Oh Father, the Francis family needs you tonight.  Father, I ask you to guide the Doctors in their decisions that affect Kerri's Mother and Kendall her husband.  May they run tests that shows the problem areas of their body.  I know your Word speaks of the "truth" that sets us free.  When we know what we are dealing with, there is no darkness where the accuser can tempt us with lies.  Lord your word is a lamp unto our feet, and a light to our path.  Thank you that you have given us FAITH to move mountains.  The mountain of worry, concern, illness, and unanswered questions are mountains I speak to tonight.  In Jesus Name you will come down oh Mountain of worry, illness and the darkness which tries to shroud our future. 

My God will bring truth into each  life, and increase our faith to believe that He is in control, and this too shall pass.

In Jesus Name,

Thanks everyone for praying,
Doris - your partner in intercession.

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