Friday, January 22, 2010

On Wings of Prayer

Today I have gone where the weary are calling,
Where hopeless, forsaken, they plead for a ray
To light their dark pathway, and keep them from falling;
Oh, I have been there and have touched them today.

Oh, I have gone down where the drumbeats are sounding
Their message monotonous, dreary and forlorn,
of base superstition, of evil abounding,
Yes, I have been there, and a hope has been born.

I saw little children, their eyes old with sorrow;
So old, with a wisdm learned in sin's school.
I saw them today, I will see them tomorrow -
I cannot forget, for the sight is so cruel.

Each day I will go where the weary are calling;
Each day I lighten their loads of despair
I cannot forget, for the need is appaling;
Each day I will go on the strong wings of prayer!
--Kathryn Blackburn Peck--


Your Prayer Partner - Doris said...

Please pray for our friends, Val, Christian, Crystal, Christina, & Christianna Marshall.

Chris Marshall, husband & father of 4, passed away today.

Chris was a great friend of ours & will be greatly missed! He was a top-notch guy.

Please pray for his family.

grammyof13 said...

Our prayer partners have prayed. Now we'll watch and do our part to help them heal.